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Choosing The Best Projectors Based On Usage

When it comes to projectors, lamps and the rest of their parts, it's a good idea to get a handle of what type of projector you'll need base on your usage. There are numerous types of projectors on the market, but how are consumers supposed to decide between them all? Well, the answer to that question depends on how you will be using your projector. If you plan on using to replace the use of a large, flat-screen television set, you will want to buy a different type of projector than you would if you only plan on using it every so often for instance for a family reunions with old family videos.

Below we'll give you enough details that will help you choose which projector suits your needs the best.

LED Lamp Projectors

Choosing The Best Projectors Based On UsageThere are projectors that are specifically designed for regular use, such as being used as an alternative to a large-screen television, and those are typically LED projectors. The projector bulbs are meant to last for a very long time - on average over 20,000 hours, so there is little or no lamp care for the owner aside from the occasional dusting.

These projectors do not emit a large amount of heat or use up a large amount of electricity, which makes them the best projectors for that type of use.

Plus, LED projectors are also designed to be more portable, allowing you to move it around at will without as many serious precautions one would have using a standard projector.

Standard Lamp Projectors

When you do not plan on using a projector too often, you may want to consider using a standard lamp projector. These projectors are not designed for consistent use, such as a daily alternative to a television, but instead are designed to be used for occasional events. If your plan is to use it for occasional conferences, family gatherings, or as a theatre outside during the odd cool summer evening, then this would be one of the best projectors for you.

A standard lamp projector uses slightly more electricity than LED projectors, and the projector lamp bulbs are not designed to last as long. These projectors are pretty much designed to remain stationary and not be moved around too much. Depending on your purposes, the mobility of your projector should be considered before purchasing.

The Many Uses of Projectors

No matter the type of projector you end up purchasing, research and consider the many uses your projector can have for you. While you may have only had one or two uses in mind when you originally bought it, there may be more uses that could come in handy once you own the equipment. Here are a few ways your projector could come in handy:

  1. A home theatre for watching movies with the entire family
  2. Play video games, especially those with multiple player modes
  3. Hosting a party for a large sporting event, such as the Super Bowl, World Cup or the Olympics
  4. Training a group of employees to a new product, service, or technology that your office is integrating
  5. Showing off a presentation within a classroom

Generally speaking, once a person purchases a projector, they can suddenly see a world of reasons to use it and so choosing the right one is important. If you actually consider hosting parties and events, an LED is your best choice because of it's mobility capabilities.

Caring for Your Projector

It wouldn't be fair to leave out projector care because knowing the proper ways of taking care of your projector can extend it's life and the life if your lamps as well.

After buying a projector, make sure to take the time to learn proper projector care. This includes dusting your projector off to keep it clean, keeping dust and dirt off of the projector's lens, and learning how to replace the projector's lamp bulb when it burns out, among other things. Once you learn how to care for your projector, you can keep it clean and safe, increasing the life of your new investment.

For tips on proper projector care, click the following link:

Buying a projector can come in handy when you have a specific use in mind, but there are other uses you may want to consider as well. Just because your projector would work well for a theatre in your backyard, it doesn't mean you should count on it for a teaching or training aid. Consider all of the ways you could use it, and then ask yourself why you don't own one yet!

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