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Everything you need to know about IPTV

Set TV – High-Quality IPTV Provider for US and Canadian Content

Everyone knows: First impressions count. And Set TV certainly knows how to make a great first impression. Many Streaming Services look like they are run out of someone’s garage. Set TV, however, feels like they have their office in Silicon Valley. Their website is second to none, with all the information required to make an informed purchase. Also, they provide live Chat and hotline support, so you will never have to wait for support tickets to get answered.


What nobody tells you about paid IPTV services.

I get it. It’s tempting.


You see dozens of sites screaming that they can deliver stuff like this:

“Experience unlimited entertainment…”

“All the premium channels”

“Hundreds of live sports channels”

“Full HD every time!”

“Access every single PPV event!”

If you’re looking to cut the cable cord and save some of your hard-earned money, they make it sound SO EASY to get all the movies, sports, pay-per-view events and TV shows that you’re used to watching with Cable TV at a fraction of the cost. While there are many IPTV services around, choosing one that is reliable is important.

The reason for Set TV’s success is quite simple: Focus on the customer and the content they crave. Contrary to some other IPTV providers, Set TV does not try to compete based on the total number of available channels or coverage of every international channel they can get their hands on. Instead, they provide around 500 US and Canadian channels, at the best quality possible.

On offer are all the premium TV channels you would expect, along with a great selection of live sports and adult content. You also get access to Video on Demand, and lots of it. And, you can access it all with a set-top box or through any browser.

The best part, though, is that you can use the service on three devices. The monthly price of $20 might seem like a lot at first. However, given all the extras that other providers charge extra for (multi-device, adult content), Set TV is actually a very affordable option for those looking for a quality US and Canadian content provider.

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