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Five Tips For Using Your Projector To Host An Outdoor Movie Night

There's just something about a classic movie and a warm, summer evening that go together so perfectly. With summer breezing in, now's the perfect time to start planning a movie night party for a few friends or make it a kids party night. We've got the ideas and tips to make yours go off without a hitch.

Outdoor movie watching has been a popular activity since the 1950s when drive-in theaters were the coolest way to pass an evening with a date or alongside friends.  It was June 6th 1933 that Richard Hollingshead opened the first theater for the auto-bound in Camden, N.J. People paid 25 cents per car as well as per person to see the British comedy Wives Beware under the stars.ends. Today, it’s a common summer event around the world to have outdoor screenings of classic movies in parks and public spaces, but it’s something you can also do in your own backyard with a projector, which is a lot easier than hauling your TV outside. It’s also a much better way of evoking that nostalgic drive-in feeling.


Outdoor Movie Night

How to Prepare. You need to make sure you know what you’re doing before you set your self up for disappointment.  Your going to want this to go off with out a hitch! Below is our list of top tips for using a projector to host an outdoor movie night: 


Number one on our list is Brightness, this can’t be stressed enough. Typical Summer Outdoor movie night start around dusk and most likely be bright until quite late. So, unless you’re going to wait until half past nine to start watching your movie, you need a projector with at least 3000 Ansi Lumens (Brightness). Let's be clear here, the more lumens, the brighter the image and that means a much better viewing experience There are many affordable 1080P Projectors that produce 3000-4500 Ansi Lummens. Dont have a projector yet?  Give us a call, we can help you out.

Where to put the Projector

Projector placement is something you will need to plan.  Projectors will produce a certain size image with a small amount of adjustability.  This is referred to as Zoom.  The zoom lens may give you a little flexibility on image size from a specified projection throw.  Most projectors produce a decent size image from 10-20 feet of throw.  Another option like a Short Throw Projector, these protectors can produce the same size image from half the throw distance.

Connection and Source

Getting the projector up and running is pretty straight forward. You will need to decide on your source whether it’s going to be a Blu-Ray player, an Android box or a laptop or a USB stick, you need to either make sure you get a player with inputs that match, or get the necessary adapters.  Don’t forget about your Audio.  Your guests are going to want to hear your movie!  This part is up to you, keep is simple is my rule.  You’re not going to make to many neighbors happy if you have a cranked up sound system!


Choosing the right screen to show your movie, not as simple as it sounds.  You have a few options here.  An inflatable large screen is the ideal choice, Open Air Cinema make some great ones.  Other less expensive options include a large tripod screen.  Your last option could be a white sheet tied between a couple of trees.  Your las resort might be projecting on the back of your house or garage doors.  All are good options, remember keep it simple.

Popcorn Movie Night



Yup we said it.  Dont forget the snacks.  Make a boat lod of popcorn!

P.S.  Don't forget a Spare Replacement Lamp!

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