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Lamp Installation Services

Need a new lamp installed. Give us a call at 289-813-2125.

On site lamp installation

Contact us by email with your address prior to purchasing, so we can confirm we have a technician in your area.

Send into depot

Return ground shipping included. Need it back faster, purchase the priority air shipping.

Do it yourself lamp installation

For clients who would like to give installation a shot on their own, we've put together a quick list of the steps you can take to do so. They are as follows:

1. Ensure all electrical connections to your projector are removed and unplugged ensure your lamp is cooled down. 30 minutes or more. Hint: take a picture of your cable connections, you can refer back to the picture when you reconnect your cables.

2. Remove or open the lamp compartment door (usually located underneath the projector)

3. Remove lamp from the assembly casing, usually held in place with 2 or 3 screws.

4. Clean away any dust or debris from the lamp compartment, using microfiber cloth or vacuum.

5. Place new lamp assembly module into projector, pressing firmly.

6. Re-attach the lamp compartment door reset the lamp timer.

7. Re-attached all cables. Use pictures taken earlier as a reference.

If you find that after following these instructions, you are still having difficulty installing your new lamp, make it easier on yourself and let us take care of it for you.

Simply call us at 289-813-2125 to arrange the shipping of your projector and lamp. You can also purchase your lamp from our website and send us your projector at the same time, and we'll install your lamp and send your projector back to you. If you select this option, make sure you set your shipping address to our address!

If after installing the new lamp module your projector is still not working, there maybe other problems that require service. Give us a call and we can help diagnosis the problem and recommend what to do next.

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