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Locating Your Replacement Projector Lamp. provides the easiest easy way to find the projector lamp or TV lamp.

Step 1: Use our "Ordering Made Easy" tool at the top of the website. Then use the drop-down menu to select your manufacturer. For example if you have an Optoma Projector then select 'Optoma' from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: After selecting the manufacturer you will see the projector / TV models will appear in the "Step 2" drop-down box. Now select your projector or TV model from the 2nd drop-down. You will then be automatically directed to the product page with an image of your lamp, our price, current inventory and UPC code. From here you can check-out online with confidence

Keyword Search: If you can't find your projector lamp or TV lamp in the drop-down try using our search bar located in the top right of the website. Try different search terms BL-FS180C also try BLFS180C or just shorten to FS180C If you are not able to locate the lamp, give us a call toll free at 1-866-764-4580 or email us at
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