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Projector Bulb Installation Guide

Read our installation and care guide after you have received your lamp to learn proper care and maintenance. For people replacing their lamps for the first time should pay careful attention to this guide in order to avoid damaging your lamp in the process.

Take Care Of Your Lamps And They'll Last Longer

One point to remember is that the better you care for your lamp the longer it will last. Lamps and projectors that are stored or handled improperly tend to lose performance and need to be replaced much sooner.

General Care For Your New Projector Bulb And Your Projector

You want your projector and projector bulb to last as long as possible and as advertised by the manufacturer. With that said, taking special care when installing your new bulbs is important to ensuring that they will last long and that you won't experience any failures.

The following are steps to follow not only when installing your new lamp but also as a general projector care guide with advice on the long-term care of your model.

Use Gloves Rubber Gloves When Handling Projector Bulbs

Fingerprints or any other oily substance can and will leave residue on your bulb and create what are known as hot spots on your lamp. Hot spots will cause an un-even temperature distribution on your lamp which results in stress and early failure. Wearing new or cleaned rubber gloves is recommended when installing a projector bulb and substantially increases it's lifespan.

Cleaning The Air Filter

Cleaning The Projector Air FilterEnsuring your projector's air filter is clean and free of debris is pertinent to a lasting bulb and properly working projector. If you use a filter that is overdue for a cleaning you run the risk of overheating your lamp and/or failing earlier than expected.

A replacements bulb's warranty also becomes nullified if manufacturer finds your bulb has failed due to a dirty filter. Projector lamps are guaranteed to run up to a certain amount of hours but will fail well below that number if there isn't enough ventilation within the unit.

Do Not Over-tighten The Housing Terminal Bolts

Both over and under-tightening terminals can reduce the electronic insulation of the lamp and cause failure. Simply tighten them until they are gently but firmly in place. Damage to the unit from bolts that are too tight or not tight enough generally don't fall under the manufacturer's warranty.

Make Sure Your Projector's Fan Is Running

Projector bulbs can reach high temperatures quite quickly and if there are any objects hindering air flow your bulb and unit could rapidly overheat. This could result in damage to your unit and your lamp. It's a good idea to always make sure there is adequate airflow throughout your projector at all times and this also applies to post new bulb installations.

Lamp Installation Instructions

The following are recommended instructions for installing your new projector lamp and if followed correctly will ensure the lifespan of your bulb and projector.

Turn Off All Power

The first step is to turn off your projector's power button and completely unplug your projector from the electrical source. Unplugging connected cables is also advised so handling of your projector is more manageable. Labelling your wires and cables is advised as doing so helps you know exactly what wire goes where when you're ready to turn your projector back on.

Remove Access Panel

A screwdriver may be needed to remove the access panel on the outside of your projector. When doing so you'll be able to see your lamp clearly.

Perform A General Cleanup With Microfiber

Once you've removed your old lamp, look around the inside of your projector for loose fibre or debris. If so, it's highly recommended that you use micro-fiber to clean and dust out the inside of your projector or use a very clean and lint-free cloth.

Lamp Insertion

Carefully insert your new bulb into the projector unit as carefully as possible. Jolting and tilting the lamp or bulbs could cause damage, so being as careful as possible is necessary.


At this point you're pretty much done and only need to reassemble your projector's access panel, reconnect the cords and power source, turn your unit back on and reset the lamp hours timer.

Encountering Problems With Your Lamp Installation

If at any time you encounter a problem lamp installation after following these instructions, you can contact us or give us a call at 289-813-2125 and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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