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Why By Projector Lamps With Us?

We are proud to be one of Canada's leading dealer for replacement lamps. We have the very best there is to offer the Canadian market and our prices and customer services proves it!

Technical Expertise

Our technical staff are extremely knowledgable and have many years experience. They are able to help you with your product selection and any technical problems you may have. If they don't know an answer right off, they will try to find out for you and get back to you.

The Best Discounted Prices

We are proud to have been the country's price-setter, leading the way to lower prices for the Canadian consumer nation wide. We price all lines at the best possible discounted prices. You will find that we have the best overall pricing of any projector lamp source.

The Widest Selection in the Country

We have the widest selection of replacement lamps in Canada. Our number of stock keeping units exceeds 45,000. We keep close tabs on product levels and our goal is to have what you want when you need it. If something is currently out of stock, our frequent ordering schedule will help ensure that we can get it for you quickly.

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