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Is Your Home Setup Right For Your Projector

Buying a projector is a great improvement for many homes. It allows for your home to be able to be used for bigger events, or just enjoyed for things like movies and sporting events. You can have anything from a small screen of just a few feet (36"), or you can go clear past 100" and have a giant screen, depending on what your home can handle. So how do you go about figuring out what your home can handle?

Well, that is a very good question, so here are a few things you should consider to help you know what size of projector you should be buying.

Know the wall size for the projector screen

Know the wall size for the projector screenIdeally you want the bottom of your projector screen approximately three feet above the floor. This allows for people to move around some without causing a void in the picture should they move in front of the screen, and it allows for the viewing angle to be at a natural level to the eye of the viewer. If you have the screen too low, it can make viewing uncomfortable, and it will cause you to shy away from using it.

There is no point in investing in a projector if you aren't going to ever use it, right?

Determining the aspect of screen you prefer

Some people love the standard viewing aspect of 4:3, while others are die-hard fans of widescreen's 16:9 aspect. Depending on which you prefer, you need to make sure to take that into consideration before deciding what size screen to purchase. For a 4:3 aspect, you should take the height you imagine for your screen and multiply it by 1.33.

That will give you the maximum width your screen could be for the preferred aspect size. However, if your preference is 16:9, you need to multiply it by 1.78 to find the maximum width for your screen. Once you have the screen size, you can more readily find the wall you want to use for your setup.

Adjusting the lighting of your room

Another part of your room that must be taken into consideration is the lighting within the room. Rooms with tons of ambient lighting will not ideally be able to give you the best viewing experience possible. That is because the projection becomes diluted the more lighting that is in the room. If you can, you should try and make sure that your room has either no excess lighting filtering in, or shades that block out all of the sunlight when you want them to. In a perfect world, you could have dark shades that come down via remote control to make your room dark when you need it but let the light in when you don't.

Caring for your projector

Even the best projectors need a little care to be able to function properly. They need some dusting, lens cleaning, and proper projector bulb care to ensure that they last as many hours as possible before the projector needs to have its bulb replaced. To ensure you can properly care for your projector, you must be able to reach it safely. If it is mounted to your ceiling, you need to be able to get up that high without having to worry about falling down or knocking down the projector.

Once you have your projector and screen set up, you can begin to enjoy all of the wonderful hours of viewing that your projector can provide. Just make sure you take the right steps to ensure that you will consistently use your projector and that you can care for your projector, and your projector should be good to go for many years to come. Once it is set up, your family will be able to watch the movies, sports games, and special events that make for great family memories.

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