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Your Projector May Not Be Broken, You May Just Need A New Lamp

If your projector or DLP TV stops working and you have never replaced your lamp and the machine has flashed warnings about replacing the lamp for several week; chances are you need another lamp. If you heard a loud pop sound while the the device was in operation, the lamp most likely exploded and needs to be replaced.

What are the components of a projector lamp?

Before we get started into trouble shooting why your projector or lamp may not be working properly, take not of these main projector lamp components:

  1. mercury vapour
  2. quartz globe reflector
  3. arc tube
  4. plastic housing
  5. electrical wiring

The components listed above make up a complete lamp module.

You may have forgotten to failure to reset the timer?

It could be possible that the maximum lamp time has been exceeded and needs to be reset. Simply hit the reset button and if this is the case, your projector should be working properly.

Projector does not turn on after lamp replacement

Many projectors have fail-safes installed that prevent fire hazards in such cases as forgetting to seal your lamp door securely, if you've forgotten to close or ensured your screws were tightened properly.

In such cases your project won't work. Your best bet is to make sure the lamp door is closed firmly to ensure the lamp is seated in the right position. If all else fails follow the above advice and try re-seating the lamp module. If you're having real problems don't hesitate to call us at 289-813-2125 for some assistance.

The fan runs but the lamp does not come on

9 out of ten times when the fan or other parts of your projector are working, but the lamp is not, it's time to purchase a replacement bulb.

My projector starts up but shuts down

Most technical or electrical problems with projectors don't have anything to do with your projector's lamp. If your projector keeps shutting down after startup there's most likely another problem with it. If startups and quick shutdowns are occurring and your lamp shines during this process, your lamp is in good condition and you most likely need to bring your projector in for a repair.

Why are the images appearing blurred our out of focus?

If the image on your screen is blurred or out of focus you should refocus your lens and if that doesn't work, your lens could actually be cluttered with dust and debris. Dust and debris getting onto your lens usually occurs during repairs and/or new lamp installations.

As we mentioned in our lamp installation guide, it's a good idea to replace your lamp in a clear area and use rubber gloves while doing so. The same goes for a DLP TV. if you see dust particles on your screen, clean the lens with a lint-free cloth and this should clear things up.

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